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The importance of communicating design

Design and communication go hand in hand. As designers, we are constantly asked to communicate our work so stakeholders (anyone with a stake in the project) understand it. Communicating design to stakeholders takes practice.

While it’s natural for us to find the need to obsess about visuals, it’s often less common to put as much emphasis on how to best communicate those visuals to stakeholders. However, if we can’t articulate our design so stakeholders understand, we run the risk of stakeholders:

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Photo by Susan Holt Simpson on Unsplash

I showed up to an improv theatre to watch a show seven years ago — during my first month in a new city. Thereafter, I spent many weekend evenings volunteering at the theatre, making popcorn — at least trying not to burn it — for guests during breaks and catching a glimpse of the show from the back of the theatre. Last month, I finally took the leap and started taking improv classes so I could learn the building blocks of improv that makes it so great.

“Just say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” — Tina Fey

The Four Rules of Improv


Kristina Rakestraw

Product Designer based in Seattle.

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